Monday, July 6, 2009

Hybrid Stories - Vol. 01

  1. This entry is more informal messages since I received many feedback and comments. I also was recommended to use 'bahasa rojak' to make it more creative and catchy. Thanks for your support.
  2. To be frank, I don't have any idea to write and share especially for any interesting topics. Aiyooo.. macam mana ni.
  3. 7.7.09 was my first day attending master class program. Whew~ Quite OK.
  4. Still learning on how to decorate and design my blog to be more interactive and attractive. Mcm mana nak upload gambaq ngan video wehhhh?
  5. My self-evaluation for the 1st week of new class was very passive and poor. Need a lot of participation (serius taktau nak tanya apa)
  6. That's all. ngaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~

Sunday, July 5, 2009

At a glance - Myself

Well here I am finally doing my first blog after numerous blogging that I have viewed. I wish and had desired to polish my writing skills and I found out that blogger is best medium to utilize my capability. What am I getting into? It was so fantastic. Again, my purpose of signing up blogger is to enhance my capability in writing skills (Malay and English) and to share any experiences or any kind of stories with everyone.In some cases and time, you will find there are a lot of grammatical error in all of my entry and please correct me if I'm wrong. I'm in learning process. :)

From 'Zero to Hero'. Love this tag line because it was describing a little bit about myself (poyos). I'm going to be honest here, I like to present myself as a shy person since I was in primary school. I choose sitting at the back row in any public occasions. When teachers stare at me, automatically I will divert my attention to outside or tugging my chin to my chest. Why? It is because I'm worried if my teacher asked me any questions since I don't know how to answer even though I know what is the correct one. 1997 was turning point of my life, I was in standard 6 and I'm presented Kulim's District for Chess Competition at Langkawi, Kedah. Everybody in my primary school was so surprise about me yet so proud that I have become so famous. Of course, I have successfully brought my school's name to a same level along with others famous school in Kedah. Am I a Hero for that time? Let me share with you a secret... I have lost all my match at the state level competition (they are super tremendous player) but I was recognized as a school HERO.

During my time in secondary school, I have eloquently presented myself as a sport person. I started to build my 6 packs. A transformation from skinny boy to become another Cristiano Ronaldo (fewwit~). I often took an opportunity to participate in almost all events and competitions. Comparing to my primary school, I had involved in more outdoor games such as soccer, handball, badminton, tennis, and etc. Yes, I did it and I really enjoy it. Again, I'm HERO in my secondary education. I was high flier and enjoy every moment. Suddenly, something happened when I was in form 6. I was disqualified for the masculine contest (HERO remaja =)) just because of scar on my forehead effect from a bad chickenpox. That scar is a reminder of that day. I was really disenchanted.

Next is quite 'poyo' statement. Please don't mad at me. (thank you). I have pursued my bachelor degree in December 2005 at UiTM Shah Alam. To be frank, I was really scared and worried and sometime felt regret after already accept and take a pledge to become a verified UiTM's student. Why? It's just because of English. Presentations, materials, and tutorials are in English. But I don't have a problem in memorizing and writing but in term of communicating (sigh). However, I still got the highest CGPA in my class. Because of my excellence in academic, I was nominated and recommended by my lovely lecturer, Puan Melissa Shaharom to become Student Representative in my faculty. Last semester, I joined College Representative Comittee.' I was born to be a hero. ahahah. I have told you.. this is a poyos statement occay.'

Currently, I still cannot describe am I still a hero or not. But I will prove it to everyone that I will become a SUPER HERO (huahuauhauhaa). Remember, in every aspects, please do selling yourself, not selling your title.


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